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SAFe Certified Scrum Master | Software Architect | Technology Enabler | eCommerce Expert
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An accepted definition of a scrum master’s job as a one-liner —

A scrum master is responsible for building a successful team to deliver business values.

Ideally, it’s not as simple as it's written. Instead, it requires blood, sweat and tears to build a high performing team.

The Scrum Master role is challenging yet promising to get the best out of individuals.

Scrum Master justifies the duties aligning to the scrum values with addition to the team building.

According to the Scrum Guide,

Scrum Masters are true leaders who serve the Scrum Team and the larger organization.

The scrum guide…

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When I started my Scrum Master journey, it was a passion that drives me to lead a team. The execution of my first project as a Scrum Master wasn’t easy, and it was a jam-packed confusion yet pleasant.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. — Oprah Winfrey

Over the time of countless mistakes, I uncovered formulas that I never heard from my scrum masters. Needless to say, I am super comfortable yet experimenting in the way of project execution keeping the boundaries of project scope and time into consideration.

Secret #1 — The world of Scrum Master is not limited to Scrum.

Imagine the first…

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7 years ago, I got introduced to the massive world of Agile. The word I didn’t care about initially because I could not simply understand. It was a significant shift for me to estimate the work, which I never did before. Previously, I took my own time to finish my work, and no one asked me to push the code to the QA. My team lead was responsible for managing the list of work done.

One morning, I stepped into the office the same way I did earlier. Nothing changed except my manager gathered everyone in the meeting room and…


Online businesses are often running behind the ancient strategy of marketing to understand the target audiences. Spending tons of money does not mean a greater return on investment. To get back more from your online business, you have to rethink and rebuild the strategy which works for your online business.

Most of our time is spent online on various apps and websites. The focus is always fragmented. It’s really tough for a new online business to attract the bit of user’s attention and drive them to spend time on your business and convert it to a sale. The business that…

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Do you feel exhausted working from home? Are you working late at night to finish the work?

The unprecedented conditions are the biggest blockers to our work, and they shook our personal life. I have seen managers bothering employees to burden with lots of work and expect to stretch the working hours to late at night to finish the work.

Does the Agile manifesto say the same? I do not think so.

How about family life?

Why does the supervisor not consider the family? We all know work is important. Furthermore, we work for humans.

Agile manifesto has the answer…

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Last Friday, I had a virtual meeting with my Release Train Engineer. The agenda was to discuss the iteration progress and any words to highlight to the account manager. But, it turned out to be a conversation on performing the incredible role of Release Train Engineer.

Being an RTE required a tremendous responsibility and a great leadership attitude to drive the program to its objective. A great RTE invests the skill to encourage the program’s overall performance.

To understand my RTE’s view, I asked him a stupid question.

What does it take to be an RTE?

Before getting the answer to this question, we will discuss why RTE?

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During the PI planning event, my agile team ran into a situation where the team need an additional front end engineer because the original assumption was to allocate a front-end engineer for each Agile Release Train. In contrast, in capacity planning, the team encountered an issue where one more front end engineer was required to finish the program on the described scope.

The team immediately raised this concern to the scrum master. As a result, the scrum master called the release train engineer to discuss the problem. …

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A few observations from the event :

  • A big vision with heaps of stumbling stones in between
  • Half of the members attended it for fun
  • Exude goodwill of Release Train Engineer (RTE)
  • Product owners with zero experience of the very role

Last month, I attended the most prestigious ceremony of the Scaled Agile Program. It was a great experience meeting a masses of talented colleagues and excellent business and technical minds.

The ceremony started with high expectations and great motivation from the executives to win millions of customers’ hearts with the spending of multi-million dollars. …

Imagine the night when you finished your work lately and run to catch a bus to go home. The bus stop is on the other side of the street, and you could only feel the wind gusts passing by the road seems like the recreation of conjuring movie, and you are the only person who is waiting for the bus. On the corner of the street pillar, a long messy beard guy is holding a cigarette in his fingers and staring at you.

What’s the first thought comes to your mind?

Why is he staring at me? You will cover…

How did you feel when you went to a get together casually, and others came well-dressed? You had to make a good impression there, but because of your casualty, you felt like running out of it or hiding or sitting in the corner and staring at your phone to avoid eye contact with others.


That’s pretty common, and it happens to all of us; instead of avoiding eye contact and looking at the clock to leave, what if you find a way to be a showstopper there.

One thing that can save you from these situations — “Communication.”

Exactly, you…

Guneet Singh

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