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Your mind creates uncomfortable doubts.

Imagine the night when you finished your work lately and run to catch a bus to go home. The bus stop is on the other side of the street, and you could only feel the wind gusts passing by the road seems like the recreation of conjuring movie, and you are the only person who is waiting for the bus. On the corner of the street pillar, a long messy beard guy is holding a cigarette in his fingers and staring at you.

What’s the first thought comes to your mind?

Why is he staring at me? You will cover…

Three beautiful situations where you can draw attention from your communication.

How did you feel when you went to a get together casually, and others came well-dressed? You had to make a good impression there, but because of your casualty, you felt like running out of it or hiding or sitting in the corner and staring at your phone to avoid eye contact with others.


That’s pretty common, and it happens to all of us; instead of avoiding eye contact and looking at the clock to leave, what if you find a way to be a showstopper there.

One thing that can save you from these situations — “Communication.”

Exactly, you…

A priceless feeling after a successful interview creates an unforgettable moment.

How do you feel when an interview schedules?

What’s your mental state just 5 minutes before the interview time?

The heartbeats go up, and you began to shiver. Do these feeling relevant to you? If yes, you are in the right place.

Illustration by Natasha Remarchuk from Icons8

In this post, I am going to reveal a captivating technique to crack an interview in just 30 seconds. By applying this technique, you will be more confident, energetic and take control over the interview.

On a sunny Monday morning, my LinkedIn notification pops up. A recruiter was looking for a skill in the market. He found my…

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

In this pandemic situation, everyone has arranged the workspace to work from home comfortably. A few of us have set up a dedicated room with a wooden desk with a couple of paperweights, pen holder and a black chair with rotating wheels. Many people are still working on the couch and watching video streaming services along with office work.

The focus always shifts from actual work to other kinds of jobs like the buzz of the emails, personal calls, instant messages, watching your favourite Amazon prime series etc. That’s the human tendency. We do what we love most.

I am…

You will astound by deciphering the simple formula of successful business with just your brand story and zero investment.

Photo by from Pexels

A year ago, I was lucky enough bechanced for TedX Auckland. The conference was all about How the brand story makes a difference in customer acquisition — the story behind your idea. James Hurman was the narrator of the conference and spoke about the three-act structure of storytelling. I was amazed by the simplicity of brand success with zero investment in the marketing campaign to acquire the audience.

Why is a Brand Story Remarkable?

Stories are a powerful tool used by human beings to communicate and exchange feelings. If users understand the sentiments of brand history and ambitions, they connect with the brand for the lifetime…

The Gaming Industry

With the launch of Stadia, Google is ready to disrupt the gaming industry.

A person is playing with a gaming console — Image by UnDraw

The gaming industry has changed drastically over the last decade. The affordable internet connections have given birth to many gaming companies to build a game and distribute it over the internet to download and play on the PC. Microsoft and Sony have launched their dedicated gaming hardware to play games on TVs without any lags smoothly. The gaming industry has taken another turn and moved towards game streaming to any device, just like Netflix.

According to Microsoft, there are more than two billion gamers around the world.

Good news for the game lovers, now the gamers need not buy heavy…

Customer retention will cost you five times more than new customer acquisition.

A group of people is doing a product tour. -Image by Undraw

The customer is the heart of any business. Customers can be anyone either; it will be your companies higher management or the real world user who are using your product or services. Customer satisfaction is always challenging for most of the business. I have experienced the same with one of the vendors I worked with them. The vendor team was working with us on our software solution development, contributing to the equal company’s goals. Their work quality was excellent, but at the end of the project, I noticed, the vendor team is not sharing the knowledge with us, and documentation…

Here’s how to fix it

Girl updating website content. Image by UnDraw

User experience is the key to a successful online business. An impressive design lures users to the site and (hopefully) to a purchase. A simple yet creative e-commerce web design makes the user’s journey easy. E-commerce companies are capitalizing on technology to provide a fantastic user experience and drive sales.

You never get another chance to make a first impression, so make it count!

In the digital age, retailers are moving online to increase sales. Poor web design can ruin your business credibility. It’s like going to a brick-and-mortar retailer and finding their products are messy and disorganized — you’d…

I was in search of free time to boost my skills and finally, I got it.

A girl is meditating. — Image by UnDraw

Being a common man, I have specific responsibilities towards my family and have to manage my work-life balance so that I can spend equal time. The days were passing. I was in my daily routine and could not able to get time for myself. I had quite a big list of activities that I wanted to do, because of the strict schedule, I could not incorporate it into my calendar. I was in search of free time to spend on my personal growth without any pressure.

Coronavirus has evolved as a global disaster for humanity. The panic situation was getting…

Lack of vision, strategy, or competence causes a business to fail

e-commerce business — Banner vector created by katemangostar

E-commerce businesses are now disrupting the retail market. We have seen many of the brick and mortar stores are going bankrupt, but no one talks about e-commerce business failures. E-commerce has left the traditional business model behind and gotten its credibility in terms of business success. That means to start a commerce business, you do not need a physical store available in the city. You can start a business from your home by setting up a small warehouse and ship the product to customers.

If it is effortless to start, why do most e-commerce businesses not sustain in the market…

Guneet Singh

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