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SAFe Certified Scrum Master | Researcher — Affective Computing | Software Architect | Technology Enabler | eCommerce Expert

Your mind creates uncomfortable doubts.

Three beautiful situations where you can draw attention from your communication.


A priceless feeling after a successful interview creates an unforgettable moment.

Illustration by Natasha Remarchuk from Icons8

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

You will astound by deciphering the simple formula of successful business with just your brand story and zero investment.

Photo by from Pexels

Why is a Brand Story Remarkable?

The Gaming Industry

With the launch of Stadia, Google is ready to disrupt the gaming industry.

A person is playing with a gaming console — Image by UnDraw

According to Microsoft, there are more than two billion gamers around the world.

Customer retention will cost you five times more than new customer acquisition.

A group of people is doing a product tour. -Image by Undraw

Here’s how to fix it

Girl updating website content. Image by UnDraw

I was in search of free time to boost my skills and finally, I got it.

A girl is meditating. — Image by UnDraw

Lack of vision, strategy, or competence causes a business to fail

e-commerce business — Banner vector created by katemangostar

Guneet Singh

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