Are You Losing Your Customer’s Trust? Fix-It Before Someone Else Gets the Benefit.

Customer retention will cost you five times more than new customer acquisition.

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Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. — Steve Jobs

Transparent to Your Customers

The most influential factor in building trust is transparent to your customers. Transparency allows you to serve your existing customers better. When it comes to showcasing transparency, many businesses implement it in their way. The idea of losing the customer is by giving them the information which does not suit your company profile. Sometimes businesses boast more than they actually, which reversely harm the business values and end up dropping customers.

  1. Hidden policies
    Businesses do not show clear terms and procedures to the customer, which harms the company in long term business relations. It’s a waste of time for customers to deal with such business.

Ask for Feedback

A natural way to retain a customer is to ask them about your services and collect their valuable feedback to assure them to serve better. It will also help your business to get to more customers based on the improved service.
Here are a few ways to collect customer feedback :

  1. Create a survey and send across social media and get feedback from the customers.
  2. Create a feedback page on the website and ask customers to provide the details of the services.
Facebook’s Customer Feedback form — Source
Google’s customer feedback form

Great Customer Service

Customer service always please the customer and build trust in your business. Recently, I have experienced this by one of my vendors, where I have raised an issue with their platform restrictions, and the vendor has given me a quick solution by upgrading the platform to the latest. I upgraded to the newest version, but I face more difficulty. I had a video chat, explaining the problem with their latest release. The vendor was delighted to provide me the solution in very minimal time and keep on reminding me of the status of the solution. I was satisfied with their customer service and went ahead with their resolution.

Value the Relationship

Building a relationship with the customer is key to customer retention. I felt delighted by one of my vendors’ cooperation with our software platform development. A person from the vendor team came to onsite and worked with us as a member of our team and provide a great solution with our team members. He mixed up with my team so quickly, and I could not differentiate him as a different member. We delivered many projects together and contributed to the business. Having a good relationship with the vendor, we grew our companies and committing to provide more business values.
The business has to keep such relations with its customers and commonly contribute to the shared business goals.

Share Testimonials

Testimonials are the written piece of recommendation to someone else character or value. Share your success stories with others and explain to them your business success and usefulness. Testimonials on the website look like a cherry on the cake. A person looks for the client first and their feedback before converting it to the customer. A positive testimonial provides credibility to your business.


Winning the customer’s heart required two-way communication and responsiveness. Along with providing a great product, customer management is a technique to keep customers happy with your product with exceptional customer success.

  • Provide a priority response to the queries.
  • Keep the promises and do not under-deliver the expectation.

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