How Am I Utilizing My Time for Personal Growth While Self-Isolating?

I was in search of free time to boost my skills and finally, I got it.

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Get up Early and Do Some Exercises

I always wanted to fix my early morning habits. I had a propensity to sleep late and wake up late. This routine did not give me a single moment to energize my self in the early morning. I was waking up late and instantly getting up ready for office and leave. It was a hustle for me. I wanted to enjoy my morning with fresh air exercise and yoga, preparing healthy breakfast, and getting ready for office. Self-isolation gave me this opportunity to start my day freshly. Breaking the habit is always painful. Initial days of the routine change, I could not get sleep on time, but I forced myself to wake up by 5:00 am. I was tired of less sleep and getting sleep early at night. I was happy to see my progress.

  1. I use a fitness tracker and set my everyday goal to burn 400 calories based on my capacity.

Started a 30-Day Challenge

I have started a 30-day challenge to not to use social media for 30 days. I was becoming addicted to social media. I kept on checking my Facebook and Instagram and post on it regularly. I was taking 2–3 hours of my time per day. I can utilize the same time on my personal development. I found this an opportunity to get rid of this addiction and engage myself in learning. I set a goal and give myself 30 days to achieve this.

  1. I am engaging myself in cooking new recipes. I utilize the same time to prepare my lunch. Till now, I did not login to my social media account. And, I learned eight new healthy recipes to keep myself fit.
  2. I, too, engage myself in reading a book chapter daily at night before sleep. It is giving me a calm and soothing sleep. Reading a book is helping me to wind down my body and get better sleep.

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