How Does the World See Me?

Your mind creates uncomfortable doubts.

magine the night when you finished your work lately and run to catch a bus to go home. The bus stop is on the other side of the street, and you could only feel the wind gusts passing by the road seems like the recreation of conjuring movie, and you are the only person who is waiting for the bus. On the corner of the street pillar, a long messy beard guy is holding a cigarette in his fingers and staring at you.

What’s the first thought comes to your mind?

Why is he staring at me? You will cover yourself in the coat, and a layer of fear walks around you. You impatiently wait for the bus to arrive.

You see a well-suited, and groomed gentleman is walking towards you, holding a black striped bag on his shoulder. A hope of comfort flows in your body; you breathe slowly and take a sigh of relief.

How does this happen?

By looking at the personality of the gentleman, you anticipate that you are now safe and sound. You feel comfortable and relax your anxiety.

The seamless transformation of the thoughts is a questionable ability.

Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options. — Simon Sinek

That’s Why You Should Understand How the World Sees You.

The well-suited gentleman was a sign of an educated and professional guy who can not harm anyone. Your well-trained mind categories the gentleman as a good guy and the one with the messy beard categories as a bad guy.

You remain focused and monitor the activity of the guy which you thought is dangerous. That’s the influence of the personality on how you judge the individual.

How about your personality? What it represents?

How do others respond to you? Is your speech powerful enough to influence the listener? What’s the impact of your conversation on others? Do they follow your opinion or listen and forget? Similarly, various questions come to your mind.

If you are cracking a joke and no one laughs, you aren’t funny. If you are delivering a speech and nobody listens, you aren’t communicating well.

Where is the problem? Your message needs attention.

A Lesson From a Keyboard Player

Recently, I visited to see my school friend. It was Sunday evening, and he was playing his keyboard in the backyard. People were whistling, clapping and shouting on his tunes. The neighbourhood applauded him.

He isn’t a professional keyboard player. Instead, he is a hobbyist. But if you pass by from his street, his tunes attract you to stand and listen for a few minutes. You won’t mind clapping at the end of each song. He is so mesmerising.

After the session, I asked him, how did you do that? I knew that his tunes are mind-blowing, refreshing and cheerful.

He chuckled and put his hand around my shoulder and said, “I only play those tunes that people want to hear. If I play music which is not at all melodious, the same crowd complain about me to disturb them with my irritating tunes.”

He continued, “I work hard indoor to modify a monotonous tune to a melody.”

The piece of advice hit me hard. It is a life-changing transformation for me.

It’s imperative to you too. Your speech should be something people want to hear. It should be persuasive enough to act on instantly.

Collecting the Scattered Thoughts

The impression of yourself on others depends on the way you project. Your content of speech and body language decides your action. You should grasp the lesson from the keyboard player. It would be best if you work hard indoor to enhance your personality by acting on your speech and communication variations to make a long-lasting impact.

It’s a creative exercise and inspires as you practice. Be yourself, brew a cup of tea and practice hard.

Thanks for reading.

SAFe Certified Scrum Master | Researcher — Affective Computing | Software Architect | Technology Enabler | eCommerce Expert

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