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How Is Google Stadia Winning the Microsoft Xbox Market?

With the launch of Stadia, Google is ready to disrupt the gaming industry.

The gaming industry has changed drastically over the last decade. The affordable internet connections have given birth to many gaming companies to build a game and distribute it over the internet to download and play on the PC. Microsoft and Sony have launched their dedicated gaming hardware to play games on TVs without any lags smoothly. The gaming industry has taken another turn and moved towards game streaming to any device, just like Netflix.

According to Microsoft, there are more than two billion gamers around the world.

Good news for the game lovers, now the gamers need not buy heavy gaming hardware to play games. Google has introduced a gaming console that will work over wifi and stream games on all the available devices like Mobile phones, TV, computer or tablet, etc.

New Gaming Business Model

Buying a game CD/DVD from a store or redeeming the game merchant gift cards online is now getting older. A new business model has introduced by Google, which is Game Streaming Subscription. Now gamers have to pay a monthly cost to play their favorite games. The subscription model is affordable and beneficial for users who love to play games daily. Buying a gaming CD which starts from $50, and no one plays once the player finished all the levels.

What Google Is Offering

Google has launched its gaming console, which offers a cloud gaming service that does not require any additional hardware, only need a stable internet connection and support for Google Chrome. Google has a large number of data centers around the world, which is an excellent foundation for the Stadia gaming platform. The Stadia streams games on HDR at 60 FPS(frame per second) with 4K resolution.
The Stadia controller has a Google Assistant button that you can use if you ever need help in a game and a dedicated Capture button.

What’s Next Move From Microsoft

Microsoft is not much behind in the race. Like Google Stadia, Microsoft has launched xCloud console to play games over the cloud services. Microsoft xCloud is in the preview state to improve more from the high volume of real-world use cases. It’s likely to take a couple of years for the official launch of the product. It is currently available in selected countries only. It’s completely free right now, you have signup and get the invitation from Microsoft. Prices of the subscription not set yet.

How About Play Station

Playstation is also running fast in the race. Sony has launched its cloud gaming service, which is available on demand. Sony has promised the low-cost subscription as little as $4.99/month on the 12-month subscription plan. To take advantage of PS Now membership, a user should have either a PS4 or a PC. You can stream anything in the library to PC, and on PS4, you can even download some games, making it a much less heralded program than its counterpart Xbox Game Pass.


  • Google Stadia has changed the gaming industry to stream gaming service.
  • Google has started the subscription-based service just like Netflix to pay monthly to play games.
  • People do not need to buy any additional hardware to run a game.
  • Microsoft is also giving heavy competition to Stadia by launching Project xCloud’s preview edition.
  • Microsoft’s Project xCloud (Preview) has launched to selected countries only.
  • Sony is also competing in the industry by the launch of Play Station Now.
  • Play station now is available on as low as $5 per month on a one-year subscription.

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