Tips to Stay Focus While Working From Home

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In this pandemic situation, everyone has arranged the workspace to work from home comfortably. A few of us have set up a dedicated room with a wooden desk with a couple of paperweights, pen holder and a black chair with rotating wheels. Many people are still working on the couch and watching video streaming services along with office work.

The focus always shifts from actual work to other kinds of jobs like the buzz of the emails, personal calls, instant messages, watching your favourite Amazon prime series etc. That’s the human tendency. We do what we love most.

I am no different. I also had to spend my late evening to complete my office work. Sometimes, I spent 12 hours sitting in front of the laptop, not performing productive instead, scrolling Facebook feeds, Linkedin or watching my favourite show on Netflix. The time flies and I wonder the sun has set and I haven’t completed my work yet.

I was enjoying my full-time work from home. One morning, I called my colleague and asked about his work from home experience.

“Not bad. It seems the productivity is getting low every passing day.”, He prompted.

I pondered and realized, I am also experiencing a similar challenge. I am not as productive as I was in the office.

When I was working in the office, the eight hours were dedicated to my office work, and I was completing my work on time. While working from home, I was not committed but distracted, or you can say influenced by other lucrative tasks such as watching Youtube or taking an afternoon nap etc.

It’s been a month, and I was concern about my routine. I was not justifying my duty, and more importantly, my low productivity would visible to my supervisor. It might risk my job, as well. I was fearful.

I had to deal with this problem and stay focus on my work. I sat down on the living room’s beige couch, which was my dedicated workspace and open notepad. I decided to list down the tasks which I perform while working in-office hours. The list included all major and minor tasks. For example, watching movies, frequently checking and replying personal emails, vacuuming the house, cooking lunch, taking an afternoon nap, gardening, scrolling Facebook feeds, long talks over personal calls etc.

Having a long list of items, I knew, I can’t avoid everything, but I can cut down most of the tasks which are not relevant or can quickly be done in off-hours or weekends. So, I prioritized the tasks with the rank of weightage — High, Medium and Low.

I marked the priorities of the tasks in front of each item.

Here is my modified list.

Watching movies — Low

Personal emails — High (If you in between any meaningful conversation exchange such as job change or applying for a loan etc.)

Vacuuming the house — Medium

Cooking Lunch — High

Afternoon Nap — Low

Gardening — Medium

Scrolling Facebook feeds — Low

Personal calls — Low (Except the emergency calls)

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